Meet Nikki Turner

Founder of Boss Worthy

You can call her Nikki, but most people call her The Boss Lady.

She acts quickly with confidence, is direct in her communication, and she wants everyone around her to win. She’s earned the title, but for a long time she never thought she deserved it. 


With abuse beginning in childhood, becoming a single mother in her teens, and later facing the loss of a child, she allowed feelings of doubt to take root in her heart.


Among all the trials, there was a voice in her head that drove her to push forward:

My purpose is greater than my pain.

She always knew that she wanted to help others and that her pain would help let her connect to them deeply, but with reflection, she saw that she first needed to make changes in her own life. She promised to put herself first, accept herself as she is, and find moments of peace that would fuel her. These are the messages she wants to share with women.

T-shirts with these messages are where she’s decided to start. For years she recognized how a T-shirt with a positive message would give her a boost or would open her eyes to the possibilities. She wants to do the same for other women and to start the conversations we need to have to feel worthy of love and respect. That’s what Nikki calls Boss Worthy.

Nikki Turner