I’m sending you a 4 page letter” singing in my Aaliyah voice …well maybe not 4 pages but a letter none the less.

This letter is not to you but to me…I’m on another stretch of road in my journey and there are some things that need to be made clear to …well ME! I’m sharing because I told you I’m always transparent and this stretch is both exciting and scary. I encourage you my beauties to do the same. Look behind you…see how far you’ve come, look around you …see how much you have to be thankful for…look in front of you and see where you’re going. Just make sure you are encouraging and loving with yourself ❤️ Ok lets go!

Dear Nikki
First off congratulations! You have come a long way baby girl but you already know that. I wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you because I see you struggling a little and forgetting who you are. As I said you’ve come a long way and have grown more than you give yourself credit for. You have taken your pain and turned it into purpose. Does that mean the pain has gone away…absolutely not but you now know there is nothing you can’t get through. With that being said…presently you have some things to go through. Not get pass, not go around and definitely not sweep under the rug. You now know there is no other way to go but through…your strength and wisdom are on the other side. So…you have a few things your working on and I want to address them with you…
You are in your cocoon phase…take advantage of it.
Get closer to God…reestablish your relationship and nurture it…He is always there and taking care of you
Embrace being single, single …I know this is not the place you want to be at this station in your life but treat you the way you want someone else to treat you…remember you are never to much for the right one
Go to therapy …there is no shame in needing help and getting get
Grow your hair…yup you may not look exactly the way you want to while you’re doing it but trust it will be all you want it to be later
Go outside!…I know the Vid is still out but wear your mask and do some things that make you happy
How about figure out what makes you happy lol
Write girl…nothing like seeing it on paper
Remember to keep your peace by any means necessary
Last but certainly not least look to the future…your issues and concerns now will make you more appreciative of the blessings and favor you have in store later.
Always remember you were created with purpose, your purpose is greater than your paintrust your process and always strive for progress not perfection because you are enough…ALWAYS!
Love Always
The Dope version of you right now!

See you next time…I would love to see some of your letters if you care to share ❤️