Created With Purpose


Boss Worthy will be a movement, mark my words.


One of my absolute favorite shirts of the t-shirt line is ‘Created With Purpose.’ Being the one to always put a smile on everyone’s face that I come in contact with has always inspired me to be a positive force and help them achieve their goals and dreams. People need support and encouragement and I have always tried to give them that with my knowledge and care. I’ve always known there is a reason God puts us on this earth. Although I didn’t always know the reason why I was here I knew one day it would just click while weeding through the ups and downs.


Throughout my life I have come in contact with many women who were hurt and beat down by life. I’m not sure if I was attracting people like myself, or if God placed me in their life to help them through tough times.  Helping women that had a low sense of self-worth or self-esteem normally would make me feel like I’m doing a service that God wanted me to do. However, you cannot constantly pour into others and nothing is pouring into you. God wants me to give AND receive. Physical and sexual abuse early in life left me with very low self-esteem & turned me into a people pleaser. Worrying about the wants and needs of others has left me running on empty. I poured and poured until there was no more to give.


For years, I felt worthless and not pretty. However, being the light in the room for someone else would help me not focus on my underlying issues. The hurt and pain I have gone through I do not regret because it has shaped me into the woman I am today. It has helped me grow and blossom into a constantly blooming flower while helping others along the way. Singing in my Debra Laws voice, I know I am VERYYYYY SPECIAL!!


One thing that has always been able to make me forget about the world around me is music. I love all types of music because it can help you through every emotion. Sometimes it is the title of the song, the lyrics, even the beat that just makes you feel good! R&B keeps me mellow and chill while rap is my hustle hard music. Music is the period to the end of a sentence. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love it!


Nowadays I am able to allow God to love on me, as I am able to show that same love to others. No longer feeling empty because I have learned to take care of myself FIRST. Your purpose is a natural extension of who you are at your core and what you are to become.  When it hits you will know because you will feel this sense of peace in your mind, body and soul. Everything will feel right even when it isn’t working out. There is no time line; your time is the best time.


My passion is to help others achieve their best life. With no fear of being left on empty I have learned to help others through the fishermen’s technique. I’m sure you’ve heard “You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Support can be as little as checking in on someone once a week. Showing that you care is huge and meaning it through actions is even bigger.


With Boss Worthy my goal is to empower women and let them know we are the SAME. I have been through it all. I am no victim. I am a strong, powerful, resilient woman ready to make changes in the world. Continue with me on this journey and become the best Boss Beauty you can be. We all deserve the life of a goddess and we can only achieve the things we go after.


Talk to you soon!


Boss Lady



Story By: Nichelle ‘Boss Lady’ Turner

Written By: Tyieshia La’She