Go back in your “HERstory” with me to when the clock struck 12 on January 1, 2020 and life, as we knew it, would be forever changed in a few months by a worldwide pandemic.

Can you believe it? It’s November 2020 and we are STILL in the middle of the first pandemic the United States has experienced in over 100 years. A pandemic that has affected the entire world and we are in the country that has handled it the worst. Wow. The phrase “the storm won’t last forever” couldn’t come at a better time. I’m sure just like anyone else I cannot WAIT until we are able to resume life as we knew it without face masks and social distancing guidelines (prayerfully there is such a time)

Although 2020 has been a long and grueling year there will be a great beauty that forms out of this chaos. The world was shaken up because black and brown people came together to stand up against police brutality and the injustices black people face daily. The oppressive state of the world awakened a beast in the upcoming generation. It is time to continue fighting the good fight and in the words of Rep. John Lewis it’s time to get into some “good trouble.”

HerSTORY in the making - BlackKamala Harris is the first African American Vice President Elect! We are moving and shaking things up in our community and me being a black woman I am ready to be the voice of HER. It is not just time to make history but HERstory too!

Boss Worthy Certified, LLC isn’t just a t-shirt line but a women empowerment movement, it is not just a brand but will be THE brand. In life, I’ve had my share of trials and tribulations. I’ve experienced different forms of abuse from a very young age, being a single parent to twin girls at 16 years old, failed relationships, limited friendships and more. Though these parts of my life could have created a broken woman, I decided to turn my pain into purpose. All that time of self-doubt and lack of self-love I didn’t know I was a diamond in the rough. Just had to dig a little harder to find the beauty in the chaos.

What led me to starting Boss Worthy Certified is I finally decided enough is enough and I am going to take back my life and my WORTH. I decided I was going to write my own story. While I got my life back I realized that pouring light and love into others is what drives me. I love empowering women and showing them that although you’re current situation may not be the most desirable, anyone has the power to take life into their own hands. As women we have a strength that the average man cannot bear. With just a little encouragement we can shift our life around and that is where I want to be the voice.
This past April I was laid off from my full-time job. I was working for a premiere staging company out of the DC metro. Interior design is one of my many passions and while the company may not have been my favorite, the job in itself was so fulfilling. Once the pandemic hit and things began shutting down my boss saw it fit to lay off my coworker and myself to save money. Just shy of Boss Worthy’s launch the income I was using to fund it got cut off. I couldn’t believe it but I have gone through so much in life that I’ve built up a resilience to overcome obstacles like this.

So I thought to myself, I could either wallow in pain or turn pain into a paycheck. My drive to push out Boss Worthy elevated and the lay off gave me the time I needed to reset. The quarantine period got my creative juices flowing and began to give me ideas I didn’t know were there. In May of 2020 my former coworker and I created an LLC to our very own staging company. We thought to ourselves that we both have the experience so instead of driving someone else’s dream we will create our own lane. That’s what boss beauties do!

July 2020 Step Above Staging, LLC opened its doors and has become one of the top staging companies in the DC Metro. Business has been booming and I could thank no one other than God. He will truly make room for what’s for you as long as you keep the faith and keep your trust in Him.

In life we all go through circumstances that aren’t always favorable. Heartbreaks, losing jobs, losing money but we have to go through it to get to it! Boss Worthy Certified is meant to encourage you to live life on your terms and let you know you’re not alone.

Stay on this journey with me and you will come out being that Boss Beauty you were always meant to be! Stay tuned!

Story By: Nichelle “Boss Lady” Turner
Written by: Tyieshia La’She