I Am Enough – Mother’s Day Edition


Motherhood – the state of being a mother. The state of being a mother has nothing to do with having a biological child. You just have had to act as a mother in a specific time in your life and for that we celebrate you. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! Shout out to all of the biological moms, step-moms, adoptive moms, God-moms, aunties, (both real and play lol), cousins, and family friends that step in and support! It takes a village and we want to include everyone who helps raise children. As women we all have a motherly instinct about us. Women look out for one another and for the most part we do not turn our backs on children. We love them so much sometimes we begin to lose ourselves in motherhood.


Balancing being a mother with being there for you isn’t an easy task. Once you decide you are now going to choose you, you have to begin unpacking every part of you that you lost along the way of motherhood.  The first step is realizing “I Am Enough.”


“I Am Enough” is something I had to begin reciting to myself because all of my life I always felt I wasn’t good enough to be loved. I needed to create a reminder whenever self-doubt tried to set in. These past few years I started loving myself because I realized how can I truly give off genuine love to others if I don’t even love myself? Now I am happy with the person I’ve become and becoming, and my thoughts and feelings are not based on what anyone else thinks.


The three things I love about myself are my heart, my nurturing spirit and my beautiful smile! There was a point in time where the smile was just a mask over my actual feelings. Now I smile because I am at peace.


Finding your worth and sense of self is a journey, but with all journeys there seems to always be something or someone(s) that toggles with “Do I really love myself if I am dealing with this situation or this person?” For years I was married…and the man that I chose to spend my life with cheated. I don’t know a woman alive who has not experienced this in a relationship whether married or not.  It hurts and you question if you are good enough or what does she have that I don’t.  What did I do to make him want to hurt me like this?  At some point I may get deep into the specifics however, I know we have all been at a place where even if you are transitioning into a “self-love” mindset or not you know when something is not right. I hadn’t even started my self-love journey, but I knew that was not what I wanted.  When I decided to walk away, I realized I wouldn’t settle if I loved myself enough to know exactly what I needed. I am enough. What doesn’t serve me has no place in my life and the sooner you get your self-love situation under control, the better.


Trust me along this journey you will need help from some strong people, choose your tribe wisely.


Nowadays my tribe consists of people who cheer me on, love me unconditionally and without judgment. My driving force since I was 16 years old, has always been my daughters. They are the positive force in my life that are ride or die and believe I can achieve anything. I am their shero and they are mine.


Setting healthy boundaries with all people in my tribe helps me keep any negativity at bay. When you deal with a host of people on a day-to-day basis your circle should be sacred and just enough that you can handle. Small or big, whatever works for your mental health is what matters the most.


Ladies, what matter’s the most in your life? For me it’s love. Self-love, loving on people and showing love through my passion. I encourage you to learn love first through yourself and then it will begin spreading throughout many areas of your life. When I check back in & ask ‘Where My Girl’s At?’ I want the new you to show up that knows you are ENOUGH.


You still with me?…Good…let’s continue this journey together….