There is no person that walks this green earth without flaw. Spending time worrying about perfection that does not exist will simply keep you from reaching the goal you were set to meet from the very beginning. In life, trial and error has assisted me in finding my worth. Every goal I have set wasn’t always met, and when/if I meet them it may not be within the timeframe I thought I might. Missing the mark has helped me appreciate Progress not Perfection. This blog will outline how I have learned to appreciate the progress.


Defining My Success…


My definition of success is being a better person today than I was yesterday. Everyday I am learning to embrace my own unique self. Everyday I am getting closer to learning the balance of caring for myself first as well as caring for loved ones. How does one put on pants? The answer is, one leg at a time. So everyday I wake up I am motivated to keep going, those that are like me motivate me as well. I have learned to make better decisions and that has been by learning to live life better and appreciating every part of it.


Celebrate the Small Wins…


Small wins add up to HUGE victories. Becoming comfortable with the fact that my journey will always differ from my fellow sister’s has taught me to never envy and to always embrace even the most successful person that I come in contact with. Another way to cope with understanding the next person’s journey is understanding what’s important to me may never be important to them. Others may never notice your small wins until they measure up to the great victory. This is a reason you must always hold your head high and keep one hand free to pat yourself on the back when no one is there to do so.


Setting Goals but Not Bound to Them…


A realistic goal that I recently set was taking time to love myself everyday. Whether its buying myself a gift, enjoy some quiet time or taking a deep dive into my favorite pastime, listening to music! “I’m searching for that silver lining, horizons that I’ve never seeeeen! Whoa, I’d like to take just a moment, and dream my dream. Ooooooh dream my dreammmm!” See what happened there? I almost got lost in one of my favorite songs Zoom by the Commodores! LOL


This particular goal is teaching me to love on myself without guilt. I have plenty of goals and I am sure to do a goal check for myself quarterly. I check just to make sure that I am moving at a comfortable pace that brings me 0 anxiety. This isn’t a check to see if I have missed the mark, it’s just to remind myself of the journey I am taking and that there is no rush to get where God has predestined for me.


Refocus My Energy


Lastly, over the years I have learned to listen to my body. Your body will tell you exactly what it needs and when it needs it. Whether its food, water, rest and even quiet time, you will know as long as you pay attention. At times I may be trying to complete a task and my mind keeps shifting and I wonder, “Why can’t I focus on this?” This is when I take a step back and listen to my body. My inner God-given voice will tell me exactly what I need, then as soon as I fulfill it I can get back to the task I was working on. Trust me, it works!


A catch phrase I love to use is “I Am My Sister’s Keeper.” Meaning, I will hold up even the women I don’t know. We must watch over, inspire and keep one another. I hope my stories help you through your journey. We are all in this together.