What does it mean to find your purpose? Generally, purpose is described as why we are put on this earth, what are we supposed to fulfill while we’re here. Rarely does it come from a job, maybe a career, but normally you find your purpose in everyday life. For me, my passion has always been to help others, specifically women.  I know what it feels like to feel alone in this world and I try my hardest to make sure those I care about never feel that way. Purpose > pain drives the entire ‘Boss Worthy’ brand! Years ago I heard that phrase in a church sermon and it stuck with me ever since.

Realizing there is a reason for a pain makes it easier to get through the tough times. When I think about those hard times I think of one of my favorite New Edition songs ‘Can You Stand the Rain?’ Can you withstand those hard times even if you have to do it by yourself? In life we are not promised that there won’t be any rain, but we are equipped with an umbrella to weather the storm. Most times God even gives you an umbrella big enough to cover others.

At age 9, I was sexually abused by a distant relative. Being so young I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. So I did nothing. For years I would struggle with guilt & shame because of what happened to me and what I felt I should or shouldn’t have done to prevent such an act. I felt vulnerable and weak. The words never left my mouth until years later, and I didn’t realize the hold it had on me until I broke the chains of being a slave to that guilt. Speaking it out loud somehow released the weight I’d been carrying. Though there is still residue from that experience that will forever follow me, I have found my strength in my resilience to rise above trauma. Two things I know, I am not the only one and it was never my fault!

Any pain I had to endure that put me in a position to be resilient enough to help others through their trauma is worth it. I know it may sound crazy but struggling through a stigma of being a statistic, a single teenage mom with twin girls working hard to make a living for us, gave me the ability to teach others even while I wasn’t at my best self. Being a great mother was a goal that I overly exceeded. While I was never given the blueprint on having confidence within myself I made sure my daughters always knew their worth and kept their heads held high. I wish I knew how beautiful and precious I was as a child but I am proud to say my baby girls never felt that lack when it came from me.

I know you have heard this before but I cannot stress that it took until my 49th birthday for me to open up and finally listen to what God had been trying to reveal to me. MY PURPOSE! I realized how he wanted to use me, and I could not contain the excitement I felt drafting out my plan. When I speak about ‘Boss Worthy Certified’ I feel joy, excitement, and PEACE! I enjoy empowering others to fight through their pain and not allow guilt to overwhelm them. Your pain makes you who you are. Every scar, bruise, and dent in your ego makes you who you are and don’t be ashamed to wear it. Do not regret…learn from every experience.

It’s something about being honest enough with yourself that makes you feel strong. Being true to who I am has changed me for the better. Sharing my story and showing others how I found my confidence and value of self helps me be a better person every day. I practice every word I preach. I can stand the rain, and I have learned how to be the rainbow at the end of the storm.