Trust the process. Trust YOUR process. Whew, that is a phrase we hear often don’t we? To me this means learning to stay present for the process whether or not your current circumstances are favorable. If you use what you’ve learned going through the process or have to store it in the back of the brain for later use, you have still earned a form of resilience that can never be taken away.


I know I just gave you guys my definition of “trusting the process,” however, do we really trust it or do we get off balance every time things go awry? I’m going to tell the God honest truth. I still second-guess the process and myself from time to time. Trusting the process is HARD but we have to do it.


In order for this key proven method to work I had to first learn to trust myself. The version I currently am has a better outlook on trust than I’ve ever known. I now know how to stay the course no matter how hard it may get, knowing that in some way it will always benefit me once I reach the finish line. Even if a mistake is made, it is proof that I’m trying and that goes a long way.


In my 40s I began looking at life differently. Using previous experiences to assist me in dealing with current struggles, I realized the mistakes of the past came back to help me in the present. Changing my viewpoint on circumstances of the present made me react in a way of how it might affect my future. It’s funny how your past, present and future are always connected. No matter how far you come you will always be reminded of your past, but it’s up to you whether you let it shape your future.


At a young age I was not told the truth of who my biological father was. I was 21 years old when I learned the man that raised me was not blood related to me. I never remember not knowing my dad so you can imagine the hurt and distrust I felt learning this truth. I had suspected something but I was never 100% sure. 21 years of being lied to by the people you feel you should trust the most is almost life altering. I wouldn’t say that’s where my trust issues began, however, it is a big piece on how I engage the people I am the closest to.


To this day I am still working on learning to put my trust in others. The only person I 100% trust 100% of the time is God. My faith in Him has kept me sane during my darkest hours. God is the only one that has never lied to me, I can always count on Him to be there, and I thank Him for being there even when unforeseeable things happened to me. Putting my trust in man isn’t my strong suit. However, if I let you into my life, know that we must be getting somewhere LOL! I trust you singing in my Keyshia Cole voice!


Although I have gone through trauma in life and have had my trust broken many times I have always made sure to remain honest and trustworthy. People trust and count on me daily! Family, friends, colleagues know that I always try to be a woman of my word. When I say I will do something, 9 times out of 10 I deliver. If you have a question and I don’t know the answer, 9 times out of 10 I will find the answer for you. I take pride in the woman I have become! Trusting the process is proof that although sometimes life gets hard, you should always bring the best version of yourself to the table. That will unlock the blessings you are meant to receive and give you the keys to understand progress is greater than perfection. Stay tuned.