If you looked in my life & see what I’ve seen…my life, my life, my life in the sunshine *singing in my Mary J voice*

Your girl has been on struggle mode lately. Yes, me, boss lady, Nikki, whatever you call me. I had to really get my life together. You know how life sometimes starts to get to you out of nowhere? That’s what was happening to me. When they say multiple streams of income, do you know that means multiple jobs? LOL! I am an entrepreneur that doesn’t run just one but TWO businesses. It’s been a chore trying to maintain my health mentally and physically. I look in a mirror and try to figure out where I’m going to put these extra pounds! I am also trying to not let this pandemic get a hold of my mental.

The Covid-19 pandemonium has officially worked your girl over! The financial stress of being laid off, lock down, shut down (whatever you want to call it) and debating if I wanted to get vaccinated was very overwhelming. All the uncertainty had me feeling a cabin fever I couldn’t quite describe.

When the world began opening up, I thought I’d feel some sort of relief, but now I wonder is it safe? Delta variant and her line sisters have been strolling throughout the US and times are becoming uncertain once again. I must say the new norm has me a bit thrown off, I even decided to take the blogging to every other month. There was just too much pressure blogging monthly and I want to enjoy bringing you on this ride with me. Hope y’all still have your seat belts on! LOL!

I really wanted to come on here and be transparent about where I am TODAY. A work in progress but the best part is I am learning to love on every bit of myself. Even the version of me that might get a little overwhelmed, stressed, or depressed. Self-care helps me crawl out that hole even when I didn’t think I’d find the energy to.

Please take care of yourselves, love and treat yourself to whatever you want from time to time. Even if it’s to an extra slice of cake or three LOL! In order to be the best version of yourself you must take the time to learn who you are and what you truly want. I’m over here struggling to do just that but as long as I try everyday that’s all that matters. You miss every shot you don’t take!

I’ve come a long way and I still have some ways to go but this is why it’s called a journey, my self-love journey and it’s never-ending.

Hope to talk to you guys soon, see y’all in two months!

Boss Lady